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If a person were to park their car 1 mile away from where they were going 5 days a week, then they could save so much more than just dollars in gas. An individual could reduce their carbon footprint….great job on this blog. I wish her all the luck.


Time to start reducing my footprint. Having worked out what my previous twelve months were I am going to calculate the footprint going forward each month. Ill report my figures monthly and my footprint overall to track my progress and a summary of actions taken to reduce the footprint.

I have decided to stick with the calculator as discussed in my post Footprint calculator 4: This is because it allows me to choose a date range and save it so I can do it month by month. It also works on real data which I have readily available. I have recalculated the footprint now that I have the correct millage from my MOT certificate and it comes out as follows.

My Carbon Footprint for 2013:

House                   0.85 tonnes of CO2e

Flights                  0.00 tonnes of CO2e

Car                        1.35 tonnes of…

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Spring Slicker

In Western N.Y. we are both proud of surviving our Winters as well as the  extravagance in our complaints of the same Winter.  Now that it is Spring, I hear complaints of the daily rains and whether the sun will ever shine once again.

Today the sun did shine while I walked to work after a dank start to the day.  It was magical to see the buds of trees bursting through their encasements as though they too needed relief from the dampness. People appeared happy .  The worms wriggled back to the dirt.

On days like this I enjoy slipping into my husband’s rain slicker. My husband, Mr. Wonderful, smiles knowing I would enjoy the walk wet or dry. He knows I use his slicker as an excuse to kiss him just one more time before we go our separate ways for the work day.


Momm, Wanna Walk Me Home?

When you get a text asking if you want to walk her home from school, you drop everything and say, “yes!”

It was chilly yet sunny.
She smiled and laughed with me.
She talked of a boy.
I just listened.

The wind was slightly louder than her. Her giggle enhanced her smile.

The crossing guard recognized her and told me she was a nice girl.
It made me proud.

I could not help but wonder how long it would be before she would ask me to walk her home again.

It was a special twenty minutes in a lifetime of special moments with her that she is entirely unaware. At least until one day when her daughter asks her to walk her home.

Walking Towards My Self

I have walked for exercise.

I have traveled on foot out of necessity.

I have strolled on a date.

I have marched down a grassy slope of lawn to share a kiss with the groom on my wedding day.

I have even done laps in a maternity ward to get through early stages of labor.

Not once have I ever walked to fill my lungs with cold, clean air.

Not once have I ever escaped on foot to evade someone see me cry.

Not once have I ever hightailed it from somewhere that should be safe.

Not once have I ever did an about-face and follow the cadence to some place other than the reality of my thoughts…until today.

Today, I looked into the eyes of a stranger.  I looked in the mirror at my own visage and knew I needed to walk away from me. I just needed a little while to listen to music, imagine that the pain in my chest was not there, imagine that the phone call I would receive in two to four days would be that I do not have cancer, and have no one witness the frailty I felt. 

I walked to recover my self. I walked to find the me before the lump was discovered. As I walked further, the closer I was to my self.

My true self was there at the end of my journey to hold me, care for me, reassure me, and be the support I needed.

WWF footprint tip for reduction: Avoid over-packaged products

What a great idea! One of those “I wish I had thought of that” items.



I got notified this tip from the WWF footprint calculator since i signed up. It made me think a bit harder about simple ways I could avoid packaging and I discovered that my local health food store has these Ecover refill stations for a wide variety of their products. I already buy Ecover products so I was thrilled about this. I was even more excited when I found out it was about half the price here to refill than to buy it new making it cheaper than most brands available across the road in the supermarket. Ecover has an online directory of their refill stations. For the UK its and for USA and canada its

Im sure there are other brands that do the same, i’m going to pay more attention when shopping for household goods from now on and will certainly be back here for my refill when i run out.

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Welcome Post

Personal choice is everything these day. It’s not just about the self anymore – it’s about humanity. The thoughtfulness of others is worth sharing.
Thank you, good luck, and remember you are not alone. We support each other in our endeavors as a community.


Bluebells last year in May at Wakehurst nature reserve Bluebells last year in May at Wakehurst nature reserve

This is quite a scary blank screen to be starting with. I have been thinking about setting up a blog for about a year now and last time I tried it I got stuck at the first hurdle, naming the blog. This time I decided to keep it simple and go with my name. The aim of the blog is a personal account of trying to live a lower impact lifestyle. I want to understand how simple everyday decisions can potentially reduce my environmental impact. It is not my intention at this point to be drastic in my decisions but I don’t know where this journey will take me. I like to think i already live quite a low impact life, I cycle to work, I very rarely fly and i’m a vegetarian but hopefully through documenting this i will understand it more. Part of…

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